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GREEN RESORT golf course

The Green Resort estate is the magnum opus of Jozef Munka and his sons, Martin Munka and Marek Munka, who have many years of practical experience with designing and developing golf courses in the Slovak Republic and throughout the region.

It spreads across the area of 76 hectares, which provided a vast and unlimited space to develop a top-quality golf course. The high standard has been achieved by the use of a top-notch grass mixture (so-called bent grass), which has been sowed not only on greens but also on fairways. This allowed us to achieve the highest possible quality of grass growths that can be seen, for instance, in the famous Fontana golf course in Austria.

The Green Resort golf course currently offers a high-standard training hinterland that includes:

  • a 250 metre-long covered driving range featuring 17 tees equipped with plastic mats and lighting for late-night play; the current capacity is 25 tees on grassy areas
  • “Old” putting green and chipping area
  • “New” putting green (800 m2) and chipping area (2,500 m2)
  • a practice sand bunker



9-hole public course /PAR 28/

The public course with a total length of 971 metres has been standardized to accommodate handicaps ranging from 37 to 54, which is why it is a good choice for beginners as well as for advanced and experienced golfers. It is perfect to practice putting and chipping as well as acquired rules of golf play. Playing at the public course is livened up by a water obstacle in the shape of a two-hectare lake as well as a great number of sand bunkers. Recently, the public course was expanded to include three new holes, which turned it into a full-fledged 9-hole golf course.

Master 18-hole course /PAR 72/

The master 18-hole Green Resort golf course with a total length of 6,661 metres is scheduled to open in 2014. It shall be a “fair course” with a minimum of high roughs, which means it shall not penalize golfers for well-played strokes. Like in the public course , the high-quality grass mixture of bent grass shall also be sowed on the fairways.

The Green Resort golf course has been designed by an experienced architect who put maximum effort into making sure that it can be fully appreciated by master golfers as well as by beginners. Since 2012 6-Hole /PAR 24/ from the future 18 hole championship golf course has been opened. From the 1st of june 9 hole of championship course is scheduled to be open.